Swift Bordeaux 2010 (S/N 1415)

Swift Bordeaux 2010 (S/N 1415)


The Swift Bordeaux 2010 is the perfect Holiday Holiday Home were you can make memories with family and friends.  With plenty of space for storage you will be able to bring all of your holiday needs into one place.  The Bordeaux is 35 x 12 and has two bedrooms  Call today to book an appointment to view the Bordeaux.

Key Features include :

  • Stainless steel and glass fronted oven & grill
  • TV entertainment unit
  • Free-standing coffee table
  • Pull out sofa bed
  • Energy efficient exterior light

Swift Bordeaux 2010 layout

Swift Bordeaux 2010 brochure

Tel: 00(44) 28417 62653