Atlas Solitaire 2007 (SN 1139)

Atlas Solitaire 2007 (SN 1139)




The Atlas Solitaire 2007 is a beauitful Holiday Home ideal for anyone wanting to spend more time with family along the South Coast or even wanting to upgrade to a newer model.  It is 38x 12 x 3 and has Double Glazing, Galvannised Chassis and Central Heating.  Please email or contact us on 02841762653 to make an appointment to view the Solitaire.  

Key Features Include :

  • Domestic quality three piece suite with foldout spring double bed.
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Stainless steel circulating cooker head
  • Integrated fridge and freezer
  • Open vaulted ceiling

Atlas Solitaire 2007 brochure

Atlas Solitaire 2007 layout

Tel: 00(44) 28417 62653