Swift Loire 2016 (SN 1436)

Swift Loire 2016 (SN 1436)


The Swift Loire 2016 is a exceptional well finished Holiday Home.  It is 35 x 12 x 2 and comes with galvanised chassis, double glazing and central heating. The Loire has plenty of storage space for all of your holiday needs and is an ideal home if wanting to upgrade or wanting to relax more by the south coast. 


Key features include:

  • Front bay window giving wider views and more comfortable front seating

  • Fixed L-shape sofa with fold out occasional bed

  • Glass fronted oven and grill with electronic ignition

  • Contemporary electric fire

  • USB double socket

  • Low energy LED lighting throughout

Swift Loire brochure

Swift Loire 2016 layout

Tel: 00(44) 28417 62653