On the right hand side of the Greencastle Pier Road located on high ground overlooking Carlingford Bay, you will see Greencastle Castle which dates back to the 13th Century. The castle was one of the main English Fortresses in Ireland and in the 14th Century was assaulted and taken by Edward Bruce, during the conquest of Ulster. The castle claims to have a ghost who was banished to the Red Sea for 520 years. It would spoil the surprise of perhaps meeting it if it was revealed how long ago the banishment took place. Legend has it that the Block House Island which lies in the middle of the Lough is connected by a tunnel to the castle.

South of the castle are the ruins of the original Anglo-Norman church. A mound close to the castle can also be seen which was thought to be where the inauguration ceremonies of the ancient chieftains were held. The castle is open to public at certain times of the year, mainly Easter and the Summer.

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